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The options for home decor products are virtually unlimited, and you can actually use anything at all in redecorating your living space. If you are fed up with traditional home decor products, perhaps it is time to “get twisted” and think about wrought iron.

Many people associate wrought iron with railings on a lovely spiral staircase or adorning the perimeter of an outdoor deck. Though wrought iron railings are indeed beautiful, there is much more you can do with this material. In fact, there are so many home decor products available in wrought iron today; you could actually redo your entire house or apartment in this style.

Making a Grand Entrance – From Door to Living Room

Rustic coat racks in your entryway coupled with a matching plant stand cradling a hearty bush will be great home decor products that can offer a rugged elegance as well as a warm welcome to guests coming into your home. Keep consistency in the living room as well – use the iron color: black, white or green. Your decor in this room could begin with a glass-top coffee table and matching end tables. You could add a full entertainment center or just a simple magazine rack. Place a few photo frames made in the same material – and you have successfully tied together the room that is used most for entertaining.

Moving to the Kitchen

In the kitchen you can deviate a little from the style of the other rooms if you choose. Wicker-shelved wrought iron furniture accents can look especially attractive in this room. The wicker will provide a hand-crafted look that will give the kitchen a more comfortable and cozy look. The most essential home decor product in the kitchen would probably be the baker’s rack, which is a great focal point and provides a good spot for your smaller accents like salt and pepper shakers and a sugar bowl. You could even buy a wine rack to coordinate with your baker’s rack for additional storage in another great home decor product.

Finish with the Bathroom

Since amazing wrought iron pieces are spread throughout your home, it would be logical to put a few small and simple wrought iron home decor products in the bathroom as well. This will help you unite the entire living space. You could add a shelf over the toilet as a necessary storage space. Even if you are lucky enough to have all the storage space you need, you can still add accents like a towel rack, or some decorative hooks to give a designer touch to this final room